tube squeezer, tube wringer, tube presser, tube squeezer in stainless steal

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This robust tube squeezer is made of stainless steal, 10 mm Ø, with a big disc (35 mm) for a convenient use, spacious slot, length of slot 65 mm, a rounded top for an easy access to the tube.
Only ONE squeezer works on all current types and sizes of aluminum-metal tubes (tomato paste, mustard, oil-paint tubes, beauty cream tubes, cat food in pouches, etc.)

Easy to use: Put the squeezer at the end of a collapsible tube, slide it over, push the wiper towards the nozzle. Use it in the same way for any other type of tube. It is a great tool for squeezing every last bit from all tubes. Helps reducing waste.

Each squeezer is a unique handicrafted item and therefore they may be optical variations.

Not available commercially.

Due to renovation work, I cannot produce the tube reels at the moment.

They are expected to be available again at the end of October.

Thank you for your patience.

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