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The story behind Crylli

Officially, the inventor of Crilly is a man, a man even, named Reinhard. But, truthfully, the idea actually came from me. Allow Charlie, a cat in the best years. 
If my mistress was out, Reinhard has made excellent for my well-being. There was nothing to complain about,even the most discerning cat would have had no reason to complain about the service.
Yes, Reinhard and I were a team. And the harmony could have been perfect if not the meals would have been. 
I just do not understand why Reinhard's facial features each time warped when he served me my a fragrant food.After he had emptied the bag into my cup, he hurried over to the sink to wash his hands. "The treats on the fingers are simply contrary to me" he said inevitably, looking at me reproachfully.
Because the ritual years duke and greatly disturbed my rest at dinner, I asked him once quite unnerved, if there was a stone utensils.No, there is not, Reinhard replied indignantly.
What I have given him the well-meant tip to invent a kind of fork or tongs through which you can easily pull the bag.
"You're awesome, Charlie," said Reinhard and disappeared into his workshop.The fact that I'm awesome, I already knew but confirmation is not harmful.
Reinhard has worked long and hard on his invention, there have been setbacks, I have repeatedly encouraged further to try it and now Crilly is there, the cats cutlery for bags and cans.