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With every "empty" wet food bag, you throw away a small amount of content. I thought to myself that this doesn't have to be the case and found the solution with "Crylli". With Crylli, you can easily and quickly get the contents out of the bag, pouch or tube without your fingers coming into contact with the "goodies".

It is very easy to use: smooth the bottom of the bag with your thumb and forefinger, tear open the bag and then push Crylli with the slit over the bottom of the bag, tilt it slightly and pull it through. The spatulas are right-angled and therefore ideal for emptying cans and crushing their contents.
Crylli is not commercially available. Crylli is "Made in Bavaria/Germany".

For understandable reasons, the feed manufacturers, wholesalers as well as shop sellers are not interested in the distribution and sale of Crylli, because with Crylli they also save money, with approx. ten bags a bag (10%) and that worldwide, there is a considerable loss of turnover per year. I came to this realisation much, much later, so your online recommendations and comments are valuable information for all cat and dog owners.
Thank you in advance for your support.

Are you looking for THE gift for a cat and dog lover? You will succeed in surprising them with Crylli.

Originally, Crylli THE cat cutlery was intended as a bag/bag scraper and can emptier for cats/dogs, but in the meantime Crylli is also used in the "human household" and in gastronomy, as satisfied customers tell me. This is possible without any problems as Crylli is food-safe.

Known from: Beloved Cat, CATS today, Your Cat Magazine

P.S. I will probably close the shop on 31.03.2023.