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No matter if you use bags, pouches or cans , there is still some food left in the package and is thrown away. I thought that this should not be the case. With Crylli I have found the perfect solution to this problem. By using the cutlery Crylli you can easily empty the bag, pouch or can and your fingers won't get in touch with the food. Crylli is made in Bavaria/Germany and is food safe. It is very easy to use: Flatten the bottom of the wet food pouch with your thumb and your forefinger, rip it open, (or the other way round), squeeze the plastic Crylli over the wet food pouch tilt it slightly backwards and get out the complete content. As the scoops are rectangular, they can also be used to scoop out wet food from cans containing food for cats or dogs. You are looking for a perfect gift for a dog fancier or a cat lover? Choose Crylli and it will be a perfect surprise. Not available commercially. Best known from articles published in Geliebte Katzen, Cats Today, Your Cat Magazine.

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